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This is your website for your village and we are working hard to get to know your expectations & requirements. If you have any news or information about our village that you would like to see included on this website, or if you have any comments or suggestions we would love to hear from you.

Let's get working together - the possibilities are endless - get involved, get in touch - send your commnets to feedback@wysall.com

Parish Council Team

Mike Elliott
Clerk to the Council

0115 937 6506
Coun Mike Elliott

Coun Sam Stephens Coun Sam Stephens
vice Chair

Tel: 01509 881239
David Grenz Coun David Grenz
Tel: 01509 880891
Helen Lewin

Coun Mrs Helen Lewin
Tel: 01509 880856

Coun Mrs Carolyn Birch Coun Mrs Carolyn Birch
Tel: 01509 889405
Vicki Plant Coun Mrs Vicki Plant
Tel: 01509 880972
Coun Mrs Mary Elston Coun Lindsay Redfern
Tel: 01509 889646
Mike Stanley Coun Mike Stanley
Tel: 01509 881721


Village Hall Commitee Team

Caroline Onions (Chair)

Caroline Onions (Chair)
Tel: TBA

David Grenz David Grenz - (Secretary)
01509 880891
Caroline Hartley

Caroline Hartley
01509 881052

Chris French Chris French
(Village Hall Bookings)

01509 880554
James Logan James Logan
01509 889193

Vicki Plant Vicki Plant
Tel: 01509 880972
Coun Mrs Mary Elston Lindsey Redfern
Tel: 01509 889646

Debbi Smith Debbi Smith
Tel: 01509 880501
Mike Stanley

Mike Stanley
Tel: 01509 881721

Steve Baggeley Steve Baggeley
Tel: TBA

Village Camera

We have a camera that can be borrowed for village events, we also like to receive your images from events. Please contact Rob @ Vista360 on 01509 881227

Villagers Images

If you have any images of the village that you would like to share, please feel free to send them to: villagers-images@wysall.com

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